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Hoodie Highlights… C-jeff!

Hoodie Highlights… C-jeff!

Sup y’all? =) Prez Hoodie here once again, this time with the final entry in my special Volume 3 judges interview series! Appropriate, as the V.3 judging is finally wrapped up and we’re all excitedly awaiting it’s release on September 1st. In the meantime, check out this chat with the Russian progchip master, C-jeff! ENJOY!C-jeff

Hoodie: I’ve chatted with you more than a few times the last few years,…

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Tales of a Chiptune Newb, Chapter Five: defiant systems

Tales of a Chiptune Newb, Chapter Five: defiant systems

No story is complete without encountering something a little darker, a little more sinister. An adventure just wouldn’t be an adventure without something to send tingles down your spine.  For that, my dear readers, we have the newest chapter in our story…

Chapter Five: defiant systems


defiant systems came to my attention with his…

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Stoking the Forge: Moon Mountain by Temple Maps

Stoking the Forge: Moon Mountain by Temple Maps

IMG_20140530_212910Elias Foley, otherwise known as Temple Maps is one of the more esoteric Chip-musicians I’ve had the pleasure of covering yet.  I first encountered his work a couple months ago at the May meeting of Portland’s DataPort.  With a chill and ambient style, his set stood in stark contrast to his fellow performers (bryface and Rhinostrich) sharing the stage with him that night, and left me with a…

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