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'CheapBeats = WIN' Full Review

‘CheapBeats = WIN’ Full Review


Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, excited to introduce our multi-writer, full track-by-track breakdown of our latest compilation, “CheapBeats = WIN“, a fantastic collaborative release between CheapBeats & ChipWIN!

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Stoking the Forge: MrWimmer - An Interesting Life

Stoking the Forge: MrWimmer – An Interesting Life

Good morrow and glad tidings my fair fellow Chip-citizens!  This month, I’m pleased as punch to bring you a review of Mr. Alex Wimmer’s upcoming release via The Waveform Generators, “An interesting Life”!  Additionally, thanks to modern technology, I had the distinct pleasure of getting a few minutes of face time with MrWimmer to learn a little bit about the album.

10714669_10204673844785387_988008092_n“An Interesting Life” is the…

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On top of the Cheapbeats = WIN craziness happening this Sat night (, y’all know that Square Sounds Festival Tokyo is happening this weekend as well right? To be specific, 3 totally different parties:

~Square Sounds Tokyo Pre-party (前夜祭)~ [just finished!!]

~Square Sounds Tokyo 2014~

~Square Sounds Tokyo After Party (後夜祭)~

And while most of us are inconsolably depressed because we can’t cross the pond to chipparty at it live (damn you Roboctopus…), each event *IS* being livestreamed (diff link per event; check within each Fb event for deets) & irc chat for such is happening in

Not too shabby, right? ;)

So yeah, chiptune party all weekend pretty much.    


P.S. Need help translating the time zones? THIS IS FOR YOU:


Hoodie Highlights… Kory Caldwell & Keaton Slánský of The Players’ Score!

Hoodie Highlights… Kory Caldwell & Keaton Slánský of The Players’ Score!

Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here with yet another special feature of Hoodie Highlights on The ChipWIN Blog! I’ve been on a roll with these lately, it’s true, but it can’t be helped! Too many awesome things worthy of highlighting happening at once.
What a life, what a life…. ;)

At any rate, this time around I’ll be chatting with not one, but two awesome individuals who are producing what looks…

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Sladerfluous: ‘Ruins EP’ by E.N.Cowell

Sladerfluous: ‘Ruins EP’ by E.N.Cowell

The post-apocalypse never sounded so good.


Delve into the ruins with the album’s title track right now to set the mood:

‘Ruins EP’ is the brainchild of ENC, also known as E.N.Cowell. Distilling a sense of dread and survival through a…

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Raw Cuts with Kuma #23: Alex Mauer

Raw Cuts with Kuma #23: Alex Mauer

Hey, what’s up everybody!  Welcome back to RCwK!  I’m BronxKuma — Kuma for short — and this time around I managed to get a hold of a bonafide legend!  A founding father of the Philly scene, this guy’s been making tracker music for nearly 20 years and is proof that time, dedication, and hard work doing something you love can pay off in the long run.  Here to talk to us about his journey through…

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