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Aydan Appreciates: ‘Boner Machine’ by Solarbear

Aydan Appreciates: ‘Boner Machine’ by Solarbear

Hey, ChipWINners! Solarbear’s been in the chipmusic community for some time now, and by now everyone knows how much he sucks. I mean, progressive-influenced, stylistically expansive, phenomenally written chipmusic? BOOOOOOOOORING. Don’t even get me STARTED on how bad his latest release, ‘Boner Machine’, is. It’s so bad…ass. Who am I kidding? If you haven’t discovered the sheer joy that is…

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Hoodie Highlights… Pixie Maddie!

Sup y’all? =) Hoodie’s back with another fun interview for everyone to enjoy! w00t!! =D
While I’ve finished up with the V.3 judges interviews, & had a blast talking to Rekcahdam as well (SUPPORT BAND SAGA) I’m going to take this chance to chat with a regular ChipWINner who’s been involved in the project since Volume 1! Of course I’m talking about everyone’s favorite merch fairy (& one of…

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What in the world is “CheapBeats = WIN”?

What in the world is “CheapBeats = WIN”?

Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, primed and ready to drop another info bomb of AWESOME on all of you. To be specific, I have within this very blog post the answer to the deep, dark question of the ages, “What in the world is ‘CheapBeats = WIN?“.

cheapbeat dark secrets

Y’all remember that “Pxl-Win” dealio we did with Pxl-Bot last year? You know, the rather fantastic collaborative Volume 2 side release, which was th…

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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 47 - 51]

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 47 - 51]

Sup y’all? =) President Hoodie here, good & ready to wrap up our full V.3 coverage here on The CWB! Today, I’ll be keying my thoughts about the last, but most certainly not least, five most excellent tracks in the breathtakingly beautimous behemoth that is Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3. Enjoy!

Russellian – Retour sur Terre

Let me state right off the bat that…

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Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 42 - 46]

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 3 [Tracks 42 - 46]

Hey everyone, Glenntai here with more rambling and opinions masked as credible reviews! If you’ve gotten to this point, you have either read the other reviews or just clicked on this via facebook! You won’t believe what happens next!

Alright, enough of this pretending-to-be-witty bullshit, let’s get on with the review!

Snooglebum – Spiders and Cobwebs

With a very prominent bass fade-in and usage…

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